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    I'm Leonard, and I'm a professional sound engineer. I have an in-depth knowledge of sound design, recording, editing and mixing.

  • I help people start their own podcasts

    Use my services to attract new people who will be interested in listening to your podcast, and then will become paying customers.

  • Allow me to help grow your business

    I help people find the best equipment, as well as a powerful hosting platform. Then, I implement a custom audience tracking solution.

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Read some of my guides to see how it's done. Then, get behind the mic and make things happen!

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About Me

My name is Leonard Allen. I work for an independent film production company, designing and editing sounds and music.

I have built Pod Show Creator to help beginners to podcasting discover the type of equipment that they will need, figure out what is their best podcasting voice, the perfect audience, and so on.

Lots of people turn to podcasts for information and/or entertainment, especially when they are on the road. I can help you produce and distribute your very own podcast in less than a week!

My Services

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Podcast listening stats 2015-2019

The podcasting industry continues to grow fast. According to 9 to 5 Mac, Apple Podcasts passed 50 billion all-time episode downloads and streams in March 2018. That's a very impressive figure, considering the fact that there were only 7 billion podcast downloads back in 2014.

Data Alliance has recently published an infographic which highlights the number of US citizens who listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. According to it, close to 115 million Americans consume this type of content each month.




Key podcasting industry stats & facts

- NPR is the leading podcast publisher, with an average number of 5.4 million weekly listeners;

- Smartphones and tablets are the most popular devices which are utilized for podcast consumption;

- U.S. citizens state that social media is the most common source for discovering new podcasts;

- 32% of adults listen to podcasts on a monthly basis; 24% of women listen to podcasts each month.