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Podcasting Guides and Resources


How to find a high-quality podcasting mic

If you plan to launch a successful podcast, it is essential to use high-quality equipment. And everything begins with a great microphone, which is able to capture your voice the way it sounds in real life...

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Best budget-friendly sound recording software

I hear you: you're a small business owner, and you don't want to invest a lot of money into a professional digital audio workstation. You'd like to start with a small budget, and then, if things take off...

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Pick a powerful podcasting laptop for cheap

What is the best podcasting laptop? This is one of the most frequent questions that I get asked by my clients. Still, the answer to this question isn't that easy, because the computer industry...

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Finding your unique voice and podcast topics

When it comes to podcasting, your voice is one of the key aspects that can make your show successful or break it. Sadly, the Internet is full of copycats, and there are over 500,000 active podcasts...

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How to attract volunteers for your podcasts

Launching a podcast may be fun in the beginning, but things can get quite hard when you run out of ideas. Fortunately, many generous people want to offer their help without asking anything in return...

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Top 3 platforms to distribute your podcasts

So, your masterpiece is ready. You have edited it carefully, you've added its intro and outro, and now you're eager to share it with the entire world. Here are the most popular podcast distribution sites...

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